Words matter, but it's what you do with them that counts...

Do you have a brand you want to build or a story you're just itching to tell? 

Perhaps you know exactly what you want to say, but not how to say it.

With years of experience at the top of the UK media industry,

I help you find your voice and make sure it's heard.

Articles, blogs, website copy, press releases, marketing material and social media content.

My Words, Your Personality

What I do...

As programme editor of some of the UK's most watched TV shows I learnt the power and value of words. 

Now I help businesses do the same by giving them a voice that has impact, oozes personality and engages customers. 

I produce content that stands out.  Content customers want to read and share.

But more than that, I use my media experience to promote businesses, attracting the attention they deserve. 

Words - a recipe for success

Helping Jamie promote his new cookery school.

Jamie Oliver may be a great chef but having worked with him, I'd say the secret to his success is his personality and the way he truly connects with his audience.  

I give you words that do the same.  Words that are genuine, have impact, are engaging and showcase your individuality.   Show me a great product or service and I'll show you how to shout about it!  

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Attracting attention

You may have the best product or service and some truly compelling content, but none of that matters if you don't know how to make yourself heard.  I use my years of media experience and vast network of contacts to attract the attention of the media and potential customers.

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Reaping the rewards

I pride myself on using the power of words and the media to make a real difference to businesses big or small.  Whether you're just starting out or are a well established brand I'll create content and a media strategy that puts you on top.


Finding your voice

I wrote this article for Sophie Ellis-Bextor - my words, most definitely, her voice.

I can give you great words, but what truly matters to me is finding YOUR voice.  Now, more than ever, your customers want to know about you.  They want to relate to you, connect with you and truly understand who you are and what you do.  

My words, your personality.