About Me

I always dreamed of being a journalist but never imagined I'd end up editing some of the UK's most popular TV programmes, witnessing first hand historic moments such as the inauguration of President Obama and reporting on some of the biggest news stories of the 21st century.   

I spent over 15 years working at the BBC and as a programme editor on shows like BBC Breakfast, Newsround and Match of the Day Kickabout I wrote scripts and produced content for some of the world's most respected journalists, presenters and production teams - fantastically talented people who could turn a simple sentence into a work of art.  Through them I discovered the power of words and their ability to connect, spark emotion and entertain.    

As a programme editor I needed vision - the ability to see a good story and be able to tell it.   I looked for stories my audiences wanted or needed to hear.  Stories that were real, that resonated and were that little bit different.  And I found the personalities to bring those stories to life.  


In my TV days I learnt how to film, edit, direct programmes, work in hostile environments, broadcast live radio, produce online content and create a brand new programme from scratch... and I had an absolute blast doing it.

Now I put all those skills to good use helping businesses find the true value of their words and a way to tell their stories to new audiences and the media.  

Lost for words?  Let's find them together...